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128                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

much  that the sous-gouverneur des pages du roi
(d'AIvimar) lost his life for having a letter of
mine found among his papers. He must have
kept it a long time, for I never wrote to him
since May, 1792.

Half the houses in Paris are confiscated. If
the words Unite, Indivisibility de la Republique, are
upon it, it Is a sign the house is employed in the
public service, or that it is given to somebody
under that pretext. If propriety Nationak is in-
scribed, it means that it is not yet sold.

Many churches are pulled down. People buy
them and estates, and begin repaying themselves
the money advanced as first payment, by dilapi-
dation and cutting down timber, &c. So that, if
ever they were to be ousted, they would still have
made an excellent bargain.1

Think of Major Gall's daughters having been
put in prison as accomplices in the taking of
Toulon !

November zznd, 1796,

I have received Gall's passport, and an evasive
answer about Smith.

i Most of the chateaux were purchased with assignats
by a company called la bande noire, from their pulling down
the buildings and devastating the woods.